What is a Bitcoin IRA Merging Traditional Investments and Cryptocurrencies with Morgan Steckler – Transcript

This is a transcript of the Podcast – What is a Bitcoin IRA Merging Traditional Investments and Cryptocurrencies with Morgan Steckler – You can listen the audio here


Nye : What is going on everybody? What is going on? As always, it is your boy Nye and we are entering into another episode of the Evolvement Podcast where we talk about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the future of our financial systems.

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Nye : Today I have a really, really special guest on the show. I’ve got Morgan Steckler. He is the CEO of iTrustCapital. This guy is super knowledgeable in a lot of areas that I have very little knowledge so I’m excited to have him on the show. We’re going to talk about retirement funds, IRAs and how crypto is playing a role in some of the traditional investment routes. So Morgan, welcome to the show, man. How are you doing?

Morgan Steckler : I’m doing great. Thank you for having me. I’m really excited to teach everybody and get people into this space with a better understanding without having to be scared of the ‘R’ word, retirement.

Nye : I’m glad that you’re here too, man. As a millennial, 26 year old, I’ll tell you one thing: I don’t really think about retirement ever. It hasn’t been on my radar at all. I hear my parents talking about it when I go to visit them and their whole community who are people who are mostly retired. I have just started to learn what an IRA is, specifically from this interview. I’m very, very uneducated on the subject, so I’m super excited to have you on.

Morgan Steckler : Well perfect. I’m here to help and you and your audience are exactly who we want to start to educate about the future of cryptocurrency. Once people start getting to understand what we do and the implications of how you can better yourself with what you’re already doing, this is something that we’re really excited to help bring more capital inventory into the system and help people save money and utilize this US retirement account arena to your own benefit.

Nye : I love it, I love it. I’m interested to learn so I’m excited to discuss it. Before we get into all of that, can you just share a little bit about yourself? What’s your background and how did you get started into crypto?

Morgan Steckler : Well, perfect. Thank you. My background is in the US retirement account arena. I’ve been in this space for a little over 17 years. I actually worked in precious metals and 4X where I helped people mainly through IRAs for many, many years. I probably was responsible for over $1 billion dollars in investible revenue in two different ecosystems.

Morgan Steckler : In 2012, I was actually working for one of the Rich Dad/Poor Dad advisors, Robert Kiasake. It was with Mike Maloney, who was a Rich Dad advisor on the Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver. There I probably was working with around 10,000 clients or so in 96 different countries. It was amazing. I had a number of clients it the US that I got to know through our consultative approach there. A lot of them were miners. I didn’t know what that was. I thought it was a pickax.

Morgan Steckler : They started to explain to me about mining and bitcoin. So I got really intrigued. I do have a background in numismatics, which is the art and study of rare US gold coins and silver coins, so I have an expertise there. I’ve always been interested in money, the forms of money that are fungible, exchangeable, transferable, transportable and have historical value in and of itself.

Morgan Steckler : Once I started digging into bitcoin, it met all those requirements and it really became something intriguing to me because it bypasses all these borders. The portability of it, you can carry all the bitcoin that has ever existed to date on your phone. It really connected the entire world, so someone in a third world country in Africa can be on the same playing field as someone in Shanghai or Beijing. You no longer have to worry about having a bank account. It got me excited.

Morgan Steckler : I left soon thereafter and I joined another firm. There, I actually put the legal framework and was the co-founder and launched the very first company in this space that was allowed legally to put cryptos into IRAs. It was a company called BitcoinIRA. I was there for about a year and a half. A great experience. The company has done approximately, I think, $300 million over the course of it being around.

Morgan Steckler : I left to start the second company in this space called CoinIRA. I was there, again, for about a year and a half. Between the two companies, about $400 million.

Morgan Steckler : It was always done in a way that was a little more archaic. It was structured more with a sales team that ran on high commissions where one has to pay 15, 20% even, off the top in order to purchase bitcoin in a retirement account. It always bothered me that if someone had $100 thousand dollars, $20,000 was taken off the top. I didn’t sleep well at night. It didn’t make sense for what my vision was.

Morgan Steckler : So I finally left and I start iTrustCapital last year in Q2. I bought it and put together this team. The whole goal of what we’re doing here is teaching people. It’s the idea of wealth building by leveraging the power of cryptocurrency as an asset in an IRA or 401K. The platform that we’re building people to self directly trade 24/7 and all trades, once one in on our platform, are all done at 1%. We want people to come in and out. We want people to do their own research. When one wants to make a move, even if it’s on Saturday night at 2:00 AM, they can just log in and they can place a buy, they can place a sell, and they can grow their portfolio.

Morgan Steckler : I will talk a little further about IRAs and why this is important and how it’s so much more advantageous than something on the cash side. That’s what I’m excited to teach everybody. We’re really excited. We have a chance to bring in over $1 trillion dollars of investible capital into our ecosystem. I’ll just say that quickly because the US retirement account arena is $27 trillion dollars and $9 trillion of that is actually investible capital, capital that is accessible by people who have finite and older retirement accounts, 401Ks and IRAs.

Morgan Steckler : The research that we had done and what gets me very excited in this niche space is that of that $9 trillion, there is currently $1 trillion dollars sitting in IRAs and 401Ks that is held by people who are already investing in crypto on the cash side. So once we can spread this message and education that if you were to utilize even a portion of this instead of on the cash side, it is going to be so much more of a benefit to you and your spouse, your loved ones, your children, their children, because it’s all protected. That’s our goal, that’s our mission. Our goal is to educate.

Nye : Very interesting, man. This is going to be an interesting conversation. I’m excited to learn more about … It seems like you’re blending IRAs, which are traditional, maybe older generation investment strategies, with cryptocurrencies, which are a little bit on the newer side of things.

Nye : But before we even get into that, I want to know for people who are new to this whole investment strategy, what is an IRA and how does an IRA work?

Morgan Steckler : That’s a good question. So an IRA is an individual retirement account. This is something that has been in place for a very long time in United States arena. Every time that you join a company, most of them, they do offer facilities such as 401Ks. These are where they take a portion of your paycheck and you’re allowed to put it into a fund or into some retirement account where it’s allowed to grow. It’s usually controlled by a company that they usually work with. One would know a lot of these companies, like Fidelity or Morgan Stanley, etcetera.

Morgan Steckler : You can invest in stocks, you can invest in bonds and ETS. These areas that are all designed to grow your portfolio. Some of them are very conservative, some are more aggressive. The idea of a retirement account is to put something away so that when you get to a 59 and a half where you can start touching that said 401K, or when you hit 70 and a half, when can start taking distributions, you can take these from the nest egg that you’ve built without certain types of penalty.

Morgan Steckler : So the goal is to build a proper portfolio. Think of it as a pie where you have proper allocations of things like precious metals, stocks or bonds, real estate, REETs, annuities. Our goal is for people to learn you actually have the ability to invest in cryptocurrency. You have the ability to take a small portion of your retirement depending on your age, you can do more or less, everything is up to whatever one does, and you can invest in blockchain and the projects that we have on our platform.

Morgan Steckler : You can have this small piece, a piece of your pie has a chance to overtake our world. It’s one of the fine times in life that you see this change happening ala email or the internet or the way in which we do our shopping via Amazon. You have a chance to grow this and be a part of the future and benefit in a protected account, something that will give you the ability to have these gains and pass it to the people who you love.

Nye : Interesting. So when you talking little to no penalty involved, are you talking about capital gains taxes? Are you talking a penalty as in like a tax? Is that the benefit of holding an IRA? I guess what I really want to know is I’m 26, why would I even want to start an IRA? What’s the benefit for me and what are the lack of penalties involved that would make me inspired to start putting money into something like this?

Morgan Steckler : That’s a great question. So what you can do with these IRAs is when you invest and open up an IRA, there are some major advantages. There are two types of IRAs: a traditional IRA, which is usually a rollover of an older 401K. Say you earn $10, $20, $20000 dollars there. It can be rolled into a traditional IRA to which you’re able to invest in certain things. Those you have paid with pre-tax money because it came from part of your paycheck. You’ll have to pay some taxes when you do decide to touch that and you can touch that at any time. However when someone is 26 or in their early 30s and especially a lot of people in blockchain, if you earn under a certain amount and currently that amount is $120,000, you have access to opening up possibly the best type of retirement account and it’s known as a ROTH.

Morgan Steckler : A ROTH IRA is where take post tax money and you can put up to $5500 dollars a year, right now you can put in last year and this year so call it $11,000, and you can take that, put it into an IRA, put it onto our platform, which is as simplistic as [inaudible 00:13:27] by the way, I’ll get into that. You’re able to purchase bitcoin or other cryptos.

Morgan Steckler : The best thing about this is that not only do you avoid, and I will talk about that later, do you avoid the worries of how you can exchange, the worries of how to use a wallet or worried about SIM port hacking and all of these scary things, but whatever gains you have, and say bitcoin is $3500 and it hypothetically goes to $35,000, when you decide to cash out … And there are certain ways and times that you can cash out of your ROTH IRA even before 70 and a half … You have zero capital gains, so when you have that profit, you have all of it. You do not have to pay any taxes on it.

Morgan Steckler : That is probably the biggest benefit to which all of us are going to be struggling because all of us, you and I included, we purchase all the time, have we kept track of every transaction? Probably not. When buy some bitcoin or in theory an amount of coin base and moved it to a binance and you purchased a project, say a tron, that’s three transactions and those are all taxation events.

Morgan Steckler : It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but the IRS is going to be contacting you at some point I’m sure and they’re going to be wanting their money. All of this, whether you’re up or down, you’re going to have to pay taxes. One can only write off so much loss. That arena is going to start getting a little more tied up where the government is going to start looking a lot more in-depth. This is a way to avoid all of that. No longer will you have to worry about all of these different transactions.

Nye : Okay, cool. So I want to get into how you’re doing this in terms of involving you getting the IRAs and the bitcoin together. I want to get into that but my main question here is let’s say I put in the $5500 dollars for last year into the IRA today, I bought bitcoin today. Let’s say it goes to a higher price in the next year and I want to sell it in a year instead of holding it for 20, 30 years like maybe the traditional IRAs would propose. Is there a penalty to me? Do I still get zero capital gains tax? Does this still work like that? How does that work?

Morgan Steckler : Great question. So whenever you’re making purchases or sells in your IRA, especially on the platform we have, what you’re going to be doing is you’re just going to log in whenever you want and press buy itself. Every time you do, there is no taxation event because it’s under the IRA and IRS compliance umbrella. It’s the same as if you’re buying a stock and selling a stock with your financial advisor or broker. You can buy and sell as many times as you want any time inside of an IRA without penalty, so all of these moves you make, there’s no penalty. You don’t have to pay taxation because it’s already under the umbrella of a retirement account. One of the biggest advantages you can have.

Nye : Is there a penalty or a taxation when I remove my US dollars from the IRA?

Morgan Steckler : So that’s called, if you want to take a distribution, and especially … I like to help people, if you’re able to get to a ROTH, the best possible retirement vehicle. I should stop saying retirement and call it the wealth building vehicle. You can start taking it without any penalty at 70 and a half, but when you have a ROTH, there are things known as, and I’m not giving financial advice, that’s my disclaimer, but you can talk to your tax person.

Morgan Steckler : If you have something known as a life changing event … These are categorized as something like if you buy a house or if you have a baby or if you left a job, you’re able to take a couple of times, I believe it’s three or four times, that you’re able to take a withdrawal without any penalty prior to the 70 and a half age where you have to take a required mandatory distribution. So you do have opportunity to take whenever you so choose.

Nye : Okay. You’re kind of blowing my mind right now.

Morgan Steckler : That’s the goal. That’s our goal here.

Nye : In a good way, in a really good way. So this seems like a pretty obvious way that if you’re thinking more long term, if you’re not thinking the next 20, 30 years, if you’re thinking the next 50, 60 etcetera years, that this could be a really, really beneficial way to make investments, especially in the cryptocurrency realm and save a lot on taxes, save a lot on capital gains.

Nye : How did this all get structured? Is this the only one like this right now, or is there more people doing this? Specifically, why and how is this relevant to the overall space of cryptocurrency?

Morgan Steckler : That’s also a great question. The company I started back then, it’s still around, but you have to pay a very high fee. It doesn’t make sense for someone who wants to trade. It also doesn’t make sense for someone who has to pay a very large fee or quote “commission” for someone to have to do this. There’s really no one in this space doing what we’re doing.

Morgan Steckler : Our goal is to spread this message to blow people’s minds. We want people to understand how safe this. We have a fiduciary responsibility all the way to FCC compliance. It has not been easy to put together all the moving parts of liquidity exchange, custodial wallet, all into one prime circle that allows people to just see a front and simplistic view, ala coinbase, where they can just log in, press buy and sell. It has taken a lot of work and good luck to anyone trying to do it.

Morgan Steckler : Our goal is to do this the right way. The important thing here and why we’re so excited is that everyone does always ask when the institutional money is going to come in. We have the opportunity to attack that $1 trillion dollars of the $27 trillion dollars in the US retirement account arena that is sitting in retirement accounts held by people who are already buying cryptocurrency. So with what you’re doing, you can do the same thing, in a protected arena where you don’t have to worry about any taxation events, not to mention, as I said, any of these worries of hacking or even how to use an exchange.

Morgan Steckler : Our goal is to help those people who have been sitting on the sidelines to have their revenue come into the ecosystem. Our goal is to those people who back in the ’90s who were scared of say, email, when it first came out and always had that fight, why would I use it when I can just call my client or just drive? When people had that certain argument, “But you don’t understand,” and it went back and forth, the same thing is what’s happening now.

Morgan Steckler : Blockchain, the underlying tech, is here to stay. Last year, we had to deal with a lot of, and even going back further, a lot of this negativity of the ICO bad weather of 20,000 and the parabolic up curve, of Monk Ox, of Silk Road. People have this negative connotation.

Morgan Steckler : Our goal is to give people a better experience, to feel more comfortable with this so they can tell their friends and their friends of these benefits, of these overlying factors that make this so, so attractive. That’s what we’re trying to do here. By doing so, our market cap right now is probably about $120 billion. We had it as high as in the $800 plus billion.

Morgan Steckler : We can bring in a lot more investible capital into the ecosystem with the projects that we very stringently study and we conservatively put in. Obviously there are some that are a lot more aggressive than others and we’re not going to let people risk their retirement accounts. We only have a small number on our platform. We will have more as this year progresses, but we take a lot of time to do due diligence. We’re only going to put projects that are here to stay and have the opportunity for someone to benefit and grow their wealth in this vehicle.

Nye : What ones do you have on your platform right now? Can you share that?

Morgan Steckler : Yeah. Right now we only have the top market cap solutions, projects like bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, ripple, things like that. Eventually we’ll have more. I want to maintain the top market cap solutions so projects like EOS and DASH and other ones that most people are aware of, those are the ones that we’re going to put in. We will have other projects on there as well. It’s a little too early and premature for me to share it here, but it’s exciting. We want people to have the opportunity to get into these alternative assets with a portion of their retirement account and benefit and do what they’re doing on the cash side and do it in this vehicle where they don’t have to worry about any of the things that whether they’re aware of it or not, they’re going to be aware of.

Nye : Nice. Okay, this is interesting. This is really interesting. Do you think that something like this is going to make crypto maybe more accessible or appeasing to some of the older generations who might find traditional investments more secure?

Morgan Steckler : Yes. I do, 100%. It’s because those people who are sitting on the sidelines, especially the baby boomer generation … I’ve had the pleasure in my career in this space to work with clients who are 24 years old and 84 years old. Sometimes the older generations are a little more reluctant, they’re a little more worried especially because they don’t know how it works or what it means. We want to provide a lot of education. We’re going to have a lot of educational content on our platform.

Morgan Steckler : Just like our iTrust, we want them to know that we’re here to help them. We do not have any sales reps here. We do have people here if someone doesn’t feel comfortable doing everything online. They can be manually helped. We want people to have that comfort so they can take that first dip and toe into the water. At the very least, our goal is to turn on the light bulb and taking those blinders off that this is one of the five times in our lives. I always like to say that.

Morgan Steckler : You see the world change about five times in your life. I use the examples of NASA and JPL putting a man on the moon. The advent of the internet. The flip phone to smartphone technology thanks to Apple. Mobile commerce, as I mentioned earlier, we all use Amazon. And blockchain. Maybe of those five times you’re aware of it consciously maybe twice. If you’re lucky you have the capital and you have the ability to do something about it.

Morgan Steckler : Blockchain has the potential to change everything just like the internet did. We want to make people become aware of this. If you can take the opportunity and take a small amount of what you’re already doing and put it in a vehicle that allows you to have a protected environment for you to trade safely and you know that it’s protected from anything, that you can pass it along because all retirement accounts and IRAs are inheritable. You can pass this to your spouse, your kids and their kids and they can have those benefits.

Morgan Steckler : All those people who talk about bitcoin going to a million. You can have all that upside and you can have it for all you and all your gains for your family and your lineage.

Morgan Steckler : The other thing we want to do is we want to take the opportunity for something that you said earlier: you’re 26, you have your parents, they have retirement accounts. I’m pretty sure they do. What we want is for people to have this understanding and understand what we’re doing. Then you’re going to be one our best advocates. You’re going to go to your parents and explain and help them understand because it’s for your benefit so they can take a portion of it and roll it over because sooner or later they’re going to anyway. So you’re doing this for your own benefit and for your kids to be, their benefit.

Nye : That’s interesting. How are some of the older generations reacting to something like this? I do agree with you, it makes it more acceptable. It would make it more appeasing to the older generations and at the same time my thought process is we’ve got a super volatile asset here. We were at $20,000 dollars at the end of 2017 ,give or take a little bit. We’re at $3500 dollars, give or take a little bit during the time of this interview. That’s high, high volatility. Do you think that this makes them more comfortable with it? How are they currently reacting to something like this?

Morgan Steckler : I think that a lot of people are aware of blockchain. You can see all the Fortune 10 and Fortune 100 companies in the billions that they spent over the last year, the tens of thousands of jobs, the patents and trademarks that they’ve been filing. So these top companies are not stupid. They’ve been putting a lot of preparation and framework and building a foundation for things that they’re going to utilize.

Morgan Steckler : Blockchain can benefit all parts of our world from agriculture, medicinal, voting, data. There’s all these benefits that we all read every day. We want them to not think of that $20,000. It’s not about how high it’s been, it’s where it’s maybe ended every year. It’s understanding that cryptocurrency and taking a small portion and taking that dip in the water.

Morgan Steckler : It’s about going back to that pie and yes, this whole arena is aggressive. This whole arena is speculative, but it’s going to give you the opportunity. If you take a small piece of your pie, whether it’s one or five or 10, whatever it is, ultimately that’s ones own decision, that you have a chance to have this upside. Don’t look at the crash of that tech boom of the 2000 area to which we’ve all suffered, or at least I suffered, and look at what was birthed after that. It didn’t destroy the internet.

Morgan Steckler : There was a lot of projects like ICO Bad Weather of last year. You’re going to have a lot of birthing just like you did after the dot com. The Googles and the Amazons, the Microsofts that survived, the Apples. You’re going to have the same thing happen here. Don’t get scared away by, oh, it is down 80, maybe 90% on some of these projects. Look at, if you’re a believer of blockchain, if you understand that this is here to stay and why there’s so much happening under the hood that’s going to start coming to fruition probably the second half of this year and beyond. This is your time.

Morgan Steckler : Look at Amazon. Back in that dot com, it lost 95% plus of its value and went down to a few bucks, if you will. Imagine if you bought your Amazon then. What would your return be? I’m not saying that’s the upside you can have, but when you don’t have to worry about taxation events, you can buy and sell whenever you want. If you don’t want to hold anything, you can roll it onto a platform and leave it in a cash or fee out position. When you want to make a choice, you could buy it. If you want to sell it a few days later when it’s gone up 10%, do it. If you see that you’re down five percent and you don’t like it, sell. Put it back into a cash position. We’re letting you have the option and opportunity and we want you to take advantage of it whenever you choose.

Morgan Steckler : A lot of our model is based upon of stats of say TD Ameritrade and Scottrade where the average client trades 12 or 14 times a year. Our model, and why we only do one percent trades which is less than coinbase, where we want people to take advantage of that. We want people to just come in and out however they see. We’re working on a volume play so we want as many people doing this so they can do it for their own benefit. The same thing they’re doing on the cash side, but now you don’t have to worry about all those things that we all are. We never want to be hacked. Once I pressed the wrong button on an exchange. Oh man, did I keep track of all these taxation events? Well, I’m just not going to pay my taxes. That’s not going to last. Things like that.

Nye : Yeah. I think it’s really interesting because like we just spoke about, this is kind of making it a little bit acceptable and accessible for the older generations to get into crypto, but I think it’s also on the opposite, flip side of things, this could, and I can speak for myself, it already is beginning to attract the younger generations to stop ignoring traditional investments and things like that.

Nye : What’s your opinion on younger generations getting into traditional investments? Is this something that I, as a 26, 27 year old should still be looking at and planning for? What do you think about that?

Morgan Steckler : Of course, good question. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do. When you’re in your 20s and even 30s, you don’t think of retirement. That’s 30 years away plus, it’s not on your mind. So anyone who talks about the R word, just like when you start a new job … Say you’re not in the cryptocurrency industry, you sign in, you have all your paperwork when you first start a job and maybe you check some boxes. You don’t think about it, what you’ve put part of your paycheck into because you want your company match. Maybe you get a couple of emails throughout the year where oh, you can change stuff. Most people, they don’t care. They’re thinking about their day in and day out.

Morgan Steckler : This is something that allows you to be more aware. This is something that allows you to have this opportunity, this gift, where you’re already doing your research, especially if you’re doing this on the cash side. For people who are sitting on the sidelines, this is allowing you to at least get some basic information. Hey, if I want to get a bitcoin, I can buy a couple bitcoin and maybe a month later, you know what? It’s gone down a little bit. You can move in and out whenever you want.

Morgan Steckler : Eventually we will have an app and it’ll be even more accessible. People can just do this whenever they want. We want people to work at the speed of blockchain to trade at a fair value and for people to grow their wealth. That’s why I tried to refrain from using that R word. It’s just on the notion of building your wealth, properly utilizing the gift of all of us here in the United States of how we live for better or worse, but we’ve been given the gift of the retirement account arena.

Morgan Steckler : We want to open up the doors and the blinders that you’ve had on so that you realize, like, wow. I don’t have to pay taxes every time I do this. Wow, if I make under a certain amount and I can open up this ROTH IRA and there’s no capital gains, it’s 100% your money. That’s all yours. That’s exciting. That’s one of the best benefits and that’s what the .001 percent does. Why do you think they’ve been able to be so successful? They know how to build their wealth and how to invest properly. They utilize retirement accounts substantially. This is light we want to shed.

Nye : What’s the fee like in terms of taking it out of an IRA? So let’s say I invest in bitcoin today. Let’s say it goes up to $50,000 next year just as a complete guess scenario, just an imagination. Let’s say I sell all my bitcoin at $50,000. I’ve got a whole bunch of cash sitting in this IRA, zero percent taxes in terms of capital gains taxes. What’s the fee like for me to take that out? Is it based upon the amount I take out? Is it based upon the age difference from where I am, how far away I am from 70 years old? What is it based on and what does that kind of fee look like?

Morgan Steckler : That’s a good question. It all depends on whether you’re going to be utilizing a traditional or a ROTH. That’s all based upon a tax bracket and if you’re in your 20s and you’re earning, say, under $120,000 and you have a ROTH and you have a life changing event, there really is no taxation event. You have that chance to take out an amount if you need to buy a house or if you lost your job. So you have times that you can take this out.

Morgan Steckler : If you have a traditional and you wanted to cash out early before say 59 and a half or 70 and a half, you would pay some taxes. I would almost defer that to your tax advisor on that answer. It gets a little more murky, but you would probably pay your standard taxes if you have a traditional based upon your year over year annualized revenue and what tax bracket you’re in. But again, depending on who your tax person is, they’re there to help you with certain things.

Nye : Okay. So it’s more of tax fee and not necessarily a penalty from the broker who’s holding the IRA? Am I hearing that correctly?

Morgan Steckler : Well, yeah. It’s the fee that you would pay on certain taxes if you pull out, but you could turn it in now and keep it in your IRA. There’s no penalty on that. But if you ever want to pull out, yeah, I would consult with your tax advisor on that. It’s doing the same thing as what you’re doing on the cash side without these events that are beginning to be tracked pretty in-depth, which we’re all aware of.

Nye : Okay, interesting. Interesting. I can imagine that there are many more forms of traditional investments beyond IRAs. Can you think something like this in terms of implementing bitcoin and cryptocurrency into other traditional investments is going to be a thing? Yeah, do you think that’s going to be relevant for the future?

Morgan Steckler : Yeah. I do. What our platform is going to be doing, we are going to be in the process of adding other types of opportunities. Look at some of the things that are happening in blockchain. You can buy real estate and portions of apartment complexes now of blockchain. You can buy a piece of fine art and not just small art but a Monet or a Picasso. You can convert it in stable coins with one to one ratios with physical gold so if you not put it back into this fee out currency which is devalued every month by $80 billion or so because it inflates the currency supply which devalues our dollar and you don’t believe in the dollar, you can put it into gold which is the longest form of money and you can take your distribution in gold. These are all things that we are aggressively looking at and are things that we do eventually want to have on our platform. We can help hold people’s hands and bridge that gap of the old financial systems to the new.

Nye : Awesome, man. This has been something that’s really, really interesting to me. Yeah, I didn’t know that all this stuff was going on. I didn’t know that this was even possible. I didn’t know that you guys had anything like this going on.

Nye : Can you just share with our audience a little bit about where they can find you? Where they can learn more about this? Even for myself, how would I get involved in something like this?

Morgan Steckler : Thank you, that’s a good question. So iTrustCapital is our company name. You can go to and you can sign up. If one wants to begin to do a rollover or start an IRA, the process is very easy. A lot of it is done seamlessly on our website. As our 2.0 does launch very shortly, you’re going to have a lot of this all done automated.

Morgan Steckler : If one does need help, one can call our toll-free number: 866.30.TRUST. That’s 866.30.T-R-U-S-T. You can just talk to one of our processors that are here and they can certainly help you with these aspects: if you need help with the paperwork, we can certainly help you with it on the phone, prepare FedEx packaging, and have it overnighted to you where you can do signings if you don’t feel comfortable doing E-signs or digital signatures.

Morgan Steckler : We can help you start a brand new IRA. We can help you open it up. John Doe can start this IRA and it would be John Doe’s IRA and you could put your funds in there and you could trade yourself. It’s very simplistic and very easy.

Morgan Steckler : Just like the older generations who were nervous about crypto, younger generations do not and no longer need to be worried about retirement accounts or how to start an IRA. It is very easy. We’re here to help you. That is the reason why iTrust exists and that is why I’m thankful that everyone in our company is on this same journey to open up the doors and teach people that you’ve been doing it wrong and you have a chance to win and win for real where you don’t have to pay. You don’t have to deal with all these other things.

Morgan Steckler : You could always reach me. My name is Morgan Steckler. My email is If I have the time I will do everything I can to talk to everybody, but we always have people here to talk, educate and the more … Soon we’ll have even more education on our site. We want people to just feel comfortable and understand blockchain and retirement accounts and we’ll help you with this whole journey.

Nye : Awesome, man. This is super interesting. I’m super grateful that you came on the show, man. Yeah, again, thank you so much Morgan for coming on. This is super, super, super special. I’m super excited to even possibly work together on getting me set up on one of these things.

Morgan Steckler : I would be happy to help you. It would be an absolute pleasure. I’m always happy to come on again. I love what you’re doing. You have a great podcast and I’m excited to talk further in the future whenever you would like. So we can continue to teach. We’re both in this together. We want to teach. That’s why you’re awesome. I’m just grateful and thankful that you gave us the time.

Nye : I love it, man. I love it. Guys, this is literally why I do this podcast. It’s to learn a lot of things that I don’t know. Morgan, you taught me a lot of things that I don’t know. Thank you so much for coming on.

Nye : Again guys, this is Evolvement, the financial podcast. This has been another episode and we will catch you next time. Peace.

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