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Evolvement is a podcast hosted by Nye that revolves around Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and how these play a role in the current financial models and economic systems of the world.

The Use Case and Security of Mobile Wallets with Paul Puey


Paul and I sat down to discuss the purpose of mobile wallets and what they are being used for. I asked Paul about why I would need a mobile wallet if I own a Ledger or a Trezor and how a mobile wallet use case compares to these other tools. We also discuss where we think the future of mobile wallets and how they will have an impact on adoptions of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

A big part of our conversation was focused on the security of mobile wallets. Beyond that, we also discuss how secure mobile is in general and how to make sure you create as much security with your mobile device wallets as possible. Paul is extremely educated on mobile wallets and how these are playing a role in this crypto ecosystem and evolution.

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The Use Case and Security of Mobile Wallets with Paul Puey