The Importance of Community in Crypto

Crypto is great. It’s something we have all come to love. Whether you are here to make money, create/develop, or you are just inspired by the potential of this technology, you are welcome to join this epic journey.

And while the technology is revolutionary and the price fluctuations can be profitable, I believe there is one thing in particular that makes crypto VERY special: Community.

The fact is, we are in a brand new industry where the tech has not yet been established as useful to a broad audience. Belief leads many of the creators and innovators of this space. And without this direct use case, the large majority of the masses could care less about digital money like Bitcoin because they are completely comfortable with their paper dollars.

So, how do we change this? Well, we change it in a few different ways. But the main way I will discuss today is via community building.

Community is key and it’s been around since the very beginning of Bitcoin. As Bitcoin forums were created and miners started holding meetups about Bitcoin, community formed. As more people started to observe this trend and as Bitcoin became more popular, community grew. Even as people bought the top of a cycle in 2017/2018, the community expanded. Whether you joined via choice or poor investment decisions, you are a part of the journey we call crypto.

So that leads me to my point: In crypto, the community is what really matters and it is how we are going to expand beyond our current reach limitations. Yes, obviously the tech is highly important and relevant. Without it, we would be nothing. But without the community we would also be nothing but unused technology.

So, my question for you is, how are you contributing to the community? Are you adding to it? Are you helping it grow? Are you taking away from it? Are you trying to hurt it or bring it down?

The decision is up to you. Choosing between these too polar opposite choices will define the role you play in this crypto and Bitcoin community, no matter how big or how small that role will be.

So, finally, what role are you playing? Think about that.


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