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Evolvement is a podcast hosted by Nye that revolves around Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and how these play a role in the current financial models and economic systems of the world.

The Downfall of Our Economic System and the Rise of Bitcoin with Max Keiser


In this episode, I sat down with Max Keiser, a very special guest, to discuss how our financial systems works and why our economy is in trouble. We chat about how Bitcoin will play a role in the next financial crisis as well as what the future of other cryptocurrencies looks like.

Max is an extremely knowledgeable individual on the economy and financial systems. In this interview I spoke with him about what people should look out for in regard to the new economic struggle, how Bitcoin will play a role in it, and what he thinks timing wise. We spoke about his past, what inspired him to focus his life efforts in this area, and much more.

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  1. I am for sure one of the LEADERS in understanding the IMF, their view On cryptocurrencies & was the First Person To Start Talking about IMF dropping the USD for the Renminbi back in 2014 & began Spouting it everywhere early 2015. I agree on many levels with Max’s views. I knew about the XDR in 2015 which is actually a pilot project by the IMF to see how their basket currency the SDR would do on a CryptoPlatform. They chose to start with the Parent Chain CounterParty. Back in 2015 during an undercover Research Investigation posing as an Estonia Residential millionaire. They told me if they proved this tech to be beneficial and cut costs that they would be moving from XCP(CounterParty Platform) to a parent chain like ADA, & XLM later in 2016. Right now I am looking into it. We live in a world where knowledge is power and the RICH hoard it for themselves. Cryptocurrency provides an opportunity for the people to take back the power from Independent banks over-printing currency(i.e Fed-Res, who are the Direct reason the IMF dropped USD. They were abusing their status of GCR which we also lost to Chinese Renminbi) Creating hyperinflationary States. Crypto is how we redistribute wealth & how we break Government Monopolies. Namaste.

The Downfall of Our Economic System and the Rise of Bitcoin with Max Keiser