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Evolvement is a podcast hosted by Nye that revolves around Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and how these play a role in the current financial models and economic systems of the world.

The Bitcoin Family Story with Didi


In this episode, I sit down with Did Taihuttu from the Bitcoin Family. The Bitcoin Family hit the headlines big in late 2017 when they sold their home and the majority of their possessions to buy Bitcoin. Didi, his wife, and 3 daughters picked up the remainder of their belongs and started traveling the world while waiting for Bitcoin to make some moves.

Didi and I discuss a little bit about the mentality it took to make such a big change and what pushed him to do so. He says a bit about his past and what led him to this point. This guy has made some big moves because he believes in this movement so much and it is extremely inspiring.

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The Bitcoin Family Story with Didi