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N: What is going on everybody what is going on, as always it’s your boy Nye and today I’m on another episode of the Evolvement podcast where we talk about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the future of our financial systems.

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And I’m really excited to have Didi on here with us, Didi what’s going on man how are you?

D: Hi man, I’m very good man it’s amazing, amazing to be part of your podcast and yeah thank you for the warm welcome.

N: Of course man of course really glad to have you on.
For those of you who don’t know Didi is the head of The Bitcoin Family, and we’ve seen them a lot in the news specifically towards the middle / end of 2017. You guys have a really really interesting story behind you, I’m going to let you tell the story but it’s something that really caught my attention, it’s something that I wanted to have you on and to have you share the story with the audience a little bit, and then we can just dive in chat about Bitcoin, chat about why you’re so bullish on it, why you like it so much and what you think the future holds.

D: Ok amazing amazing.

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N: Cool so do you want to just tell us a little bit about, how did you get started in Bitcoin and how did that lead you to where you are today?

D: OK I will give you the full story, it’s a long one but I will try to keep it a little bit shorter. And so I was just a normal guy working many hours I started my first company when I was 24 years old and afterwards I started a second one, and the third one.
And then there was a time in 2013 when one of my company’s was an IT business and it had a guy working for me and he was like Didi, did you ever hear of Bitcoin? I said no man tell me what is Bitcoin. And he was like it’s going to change the world Didi it’s amazing, it’s revolutionary, it’s going to replace the Euro and the Dollar and everything else. And I was like ok I’m in for a revolution, I love this and my first question was can I make money with this, because I was still a very materialistic guy at that point of my life. And his answer was yeah man, you can make a lot of money with this.
So at the end of 2013 I invested about $40,000 in mining rigs, you know motherboards and all of the equipment I needed to build them myself.
Then I had all those problems with the heat and I needed air *** and I needed to blow out the heat, and the rest of my company building to get it cool.
So that was my first start with Bitcoin in 2013, and it took me a few months to get it tuned right, and then we started mining.
Then of course we had the first crash in 2014, I think Bitcoin dropped from $1,200 to $200 so I got a little bit afraid and I started selling some Bitcoins to get even with my investment at that point.
And then at the end of 2014 my father called me and he told me ‘Diddy are you sitting’ and I said yeah I’m sitting Dad, and he was like ok Didi I need to tell you I just came from the hospital and I have one more year to live.
So that was the end of 2014 and I immediately realized that I needed to spend time with my father and family, so I hired a manager to run my companies and I spent the whole of 2015 with my family and my father, and I didn’t look around to my Bitcoin or my DogeCoin, which I mined a few millions of as well. So Bitcoin and all crypto space went to the background of my life, and my family time went to the forefront of my life.
So the whole of 2015 I spent with my father, 2016 in January he died of cancer, he was 61 years old. I had already lost my mother when she was 48 years old so that made me realize wow life can go very fast.
And is the life that I’m living now, is this the life I want to live, and the answer on that question was no.
So I needed to change life, so I started traveling with my family and I sold my company, I started traveling with my family and during these travels Bitcoin kept following me you know, everywhere I went, I was in Bangkok first, the first Chinese guy was talking to me Didi have you ever heard of Bitcoin, and I said yeah I’m not into bitcoins now man, I’ve just lost my father and I was just not able to talk about Bitcoin at that moment.
But nine months I was traveling it kept persuading me back, and every time, again ‘Bitcoin Bitcoin.
And then I was in Bali 2017 and my friend called me and he said ‘Didi do you still have those bitcoins and the dogecoins’, I said yes I still have them but, but I don’t know where, they’re on the laptop somewhere at home, I’m enjoying Bacardi Coke on the beach watching my children do a flip flop on the beach you know, you know there was a beautiful sunset, there was no time for me to think about the computer or bitcoins, I was just enjoying my life.
But then he was like persuading me Didi please check your coins man, you need to check them, I said no man I’m in the beach I will do it tonight.
And in the evening I opened my laptop and I checked Bitcoins value and everything and DogeCoin value, and it was May at that point 2017, and they were exploding at that point.
So I walked up to my wife and I told her we are traveling now for nine months now, we are very happy, we don’t have any luxury we just have two backpacks and our kids are not missing anything, and we are just a happy family traveling. I’ve never been that happy before and then I told her maybe we should keep this lifestyle you know, we want to change life, we want to change this life to a little bit minimalistic lifestyle, not being poor just really figuring out where to spend money or where not, let’s sell everything we have and just go more all into Bitcoin I think the revolution is starting.
And then the day after I met a South African guy in Bali and he told me ‘I have been working for like 12 years, I’ve been working on on the exchange, but a Forex exchange, and I quit my job to go all in crypto’ And I said what did you do, you quit your job, your day job, you quit your job! ‘Yeah I quit my day job and I’m going to trade in crypto because it is going to change the world’
And that was the last tip I needed, for me it was now we need to sell everything we have, this is started now, the prices are climbing up, even the brokers are now quitting their jobs and going into crypto, this was a point for me OK now I’m going to do it.
So I had a great chat with my wife and we decided to teach our children that they can be happy without all the luxury stuff, so that was the reason for selling everything, and to show our kids you can be very happy without you know, 6 iPads or a quad or 3 bikes or whatever you know.
And that decision was made on the beach in Bali and then we flew home, we sold our house for Bitcoin, we sold our cars and everything for Bitcoin, or for Euros and then bought Bitcoin.
And then the first media outlet came and they said ‘did you sell your house for Bitcoin’ I said yeah we’re selling a house for Bitcoins. ‘What are bitcoins’, yeah you know the story you need to tell two hundred times in your life, and then yeah it got to the newspaper and then it got viral worldwide, then in two weeks time the house was sold for Bitcoins so then we were homeless, but we had Bitcoins.
So that is the story in short.

N: That’s awesome man that’s awesome. I mean there’s a couple of major things I want to touch on in that story,

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What is it about Bitcoin for you? that’s the main question because when I first started obviously for many people it was just about the money, you know you can make a lot of money from it. And then I started to learn about the technology I started to dive deeper into it, is it is it still on money thing for you, is it a freedom thing, is it about the technology, is it about the potential of a whole new financial system, like what’s the key driver for you here?

D: So in 2013 of course it was the money you know, I didn’t invest 40K for nothing I wanted to make money mining Bitcoins at that point, but this quickly changed after my father, after the day my father died because I got to understand If I had billions I couldn’t have saved him from cancer.
So the value of money completely disappeared for me, but I am an entrepreneur, so I always need a goal in life, I always need to have this bar you know to reach, and this was the switch from my personal materialistic lifestyle to a minimalistic lifestyle and because of greed into Bitcoin of course and everything, and what was happening in the world and the economical system, and the monetary system and everything.
For me it’s the revolution, for me it’s really, you know for me Bitcoin for me is a new system to hold, to transfer, accumulate wealth, you know without restrictions from a centralised institution. Its to make sure we get control back over money, it’s there to provide me financial freedom and privacy.
So Bitcoin for me is way more than just money, to be honest the most profit we make now with our online little website and all those things, we share them, we sent crypto to all orphanages in India and help people there with our profit.
We don’t need a Lamborghini, I don’t need a big house, because we just want to travel and be healthy and have a normal life.
And we want to educate people in crypto, so for me it’s a revolution and for me the main values of Bitcoin are financial freedom, privacy, control of your own money, and the decentralisation of course.
These are the main key points for me to support crypto the way we do.

N: That’s beautiful man that’s beautiful. I mean the thing that really interests me a lot about your story is the fact that you went to this more minimalist lifestyle, and while it might not be, that might not be the key thing that interests me, more the key thing that interests me is the fact that you brought your whole family along and not only did you change the way you were living financially and geographically, but I would just assume you most likely changed the way that your living mentally and physically.
You know you spoke a little bit about how your kids don’t need iPads and things like this, they don’t need to be on their technical devices all the time. I’m curious how that shift was you know, because I know for myself growing up and for a lot of the kids especially in the US that grow up, they’re so tied, they’re so attached to the technology, they’re so attached to their computers, their video games, their cell phones etc.
That a shift like that wouldn’t just be traumatic because of the geographical changes and the lifestyle changes, but it would also be dramatic because it probably re shifts around your whole habits, and the whole way you act, and the whole way you behave compared to the way that you’re used to behaving with reality, was that a shift for you, did you see a shift in the way your children were behaving, how did that happen how did that go?

So we are trying to prepare ourselves and our kids for this.D: This was a huge shift, this shift was even bigger than the shift of you know (inaudible) The shift of living a new life as a family was a huge shift for us, we have a different vision about the future you know, I see the world going or decentralised.
You know we all started, people started to live as nomads and then they all went and lived in cities and villages because there was a work over there, but what I see now is that work is being disconnected from a place, you know we don’t have to live in the same place we work, most people at work so Google’s office don’t even attend, or time in the office you know they work from home.
So in my opinion if there’s connection from job and place is being disconnected, in the future we could all be digital Nomads again, we could be traveling and this combined with the lending economic you know, you can rent the bike at place ‘A’ drive it 20 minutes drop it over there and just pay for the kilometres, you can do this with houses as well you can do this with cars, you can do this with almost everything in your life.
So our vision of the future was totally different maybe than other people think, and so this shift in our life was huge because we don’t have a house, we just travel, the kids don’t go to school anymore, we took them out of the schools, we don’t want small robots, all those kids in those schools they are all being prepared for the past, we need to prepare our kids for the future.
The future is going to be totally different as all people are expecting it will be, it will be influenced by the blockchain and the Bitcoin in a way that people can’t imagine at the moment, and this is why we chose to live this decentralized lifestyle you know, preparing ourselves and our kids for maybe a future when more and more people are going to be digital Nomad again, maybe people in the future don’t want to own a house or a car, why do you need to own a house and a car if you can just, if I want to drive a Lamborghini today I’ll drive a Lamborghini, if I have to move something tomorrow I will rent a moving car you know, if I want to drive a an economical, then I’ll dry leave a Volkswagen for a week you know.
I don’t need to own it anymore, and I think this is a huge shift in the world that people are starting to realize that you don’t always need to own something, but you can always use it.

N: It’s interesting because what you’re talking about there is it’s very philosophical, and I love philosophical conversations, that’s why this is really interesting to me.
It’s like a shift from, it’s a shift in what’s important to you right, it’s a shift in moving from egoic, materialistic concepts, that may have meaning in terms of certain images or things that some people might want to portray, and you’re actually, and correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like you’re actually stepping into, and living a life that’s really based off of experience.
And the thing that interests me the most about that is, is not only are you doing that you know. I think that as an individual it may not be easy but it’s definitely easier to do it, but you’re also doing it as a leader in a community, but also as a leader of your family, you know you’re leading your family into a whole new lifestyle, you’re stepping into an area that not many people step into and it’s beautiful man it’s super cool.

D: Yeah it’s beautiful but it’s also difficult, you know I need to be honest in this, we were a very normal average family, of course we had a little bit more money than the average family but we were a normal family if you look at it, if you look at our lives.
And if you normally shift from a normal family to a minimalistic family traveling family you know, to a digital Nomad family this is a big change of course, but in our case the biggest problem is / was is this change was combined with the fact that we were (inaudible) to The Bitcoin Family by the media.
So from a normal family, and man for me Vlogging was something very strange, you know walking with my telephone ‘Hi my name is Didi I am on the beach in Bali, I didn’t like that at all, you know my wife still doesn’t like that at all,
So for it was like two things where to (inaudible) with The Bitcoin Family we still had to learn everything about Vlogging, Blogging all those things, and on the other hand we were changing our lives as well, so it was a crazy roller coaster ride last year.
But we managed our feelings now we’re getting into the flow again as a family, and yes it’s beautiful yeah.

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N: What was the most challenging part of that, like was it the financial part of it that was challenging, the separation into a new mentality, a whole new life structure, was it moving from location to location constantly, like what was the big challenge for you guys there?

D: I think the biggest challenge for us there, you know I was a workaholic so I was never at home, I was always working and I had a company in Malta as well and you know so for me it was always, I was there on Sunday to cut the meat you know, so the biggest challenge for me was to discover how to play with kids man, I lost my connection with my children you know. For the first few months of our travelling it was like, I asked my wife ‘so what do I need to do’ I had three daughters, I mean if I had a son would have kicked a ball with him or you know something like that, I had three daughters so, so for me this was the biggest challenge.
And my wife had other challenges in this adventure because she was always very structured, she had to get less structured because of the steps we took.
And so there were challenges of many many things, but the money challenge wasn’t the biggest one, I think that was the smallest one because we created this mindset of minimalism, so we created the mindset that you know even if we lose everything and Bitcoin goes to zero, and we will go bankrupt, we at least had a very beautiful adventure and we changed our lives and we will pick up our lives again and start to work or whatever, we need to do to keep living you know.
And so with that mindset we couldn’t lose any more, you know we can still not lose can’t lose any more, we’re traveling for two years as a family now and it is always for us, it’s always a win situation at the moment.

N: That’s beautiful man, that’s beautiful. And I think this is super interesting for me specifically, I think it’ll be interesting for everybody listening too because I mean the media, they only look at your Bitcoins side of things, you know I didn’t know this about you I watched your story on a few different mediums but I didn’t know like the depth of how this changed you as a person, how this changed the lifestyle for your family and things like that, it’s fucking beautiful man.

D:Yeah I think it’s, it was. You can only say and admit it was very, it was a difficult time for me exactly, I was very materialistic I was that guy I was in all the big clubs In London, (inaudible) Belvedere bottles you know.
And I had to change to a guy, yeah that was happy to play and build a sandcastle on the beach again. So this, but if you succeed in this life gets so much easier and there is so less pressure on your shoulders, I think I think it was a best thing in life for what we could have done as a family.

N: Beautiful I love that, yeah I mean my main thing is I’m in a very, maybe not the same boat or even a similar boat, but in similar mentality man, I think that the most challenging thing as a human beings is actually just connecting with one another ,and being able to keep a connection, keep a conversation, things like that.
I mean money it comes and goes you know, it’s for some people at some points of life it might be hard to make, for some people at different points of their lives it might be easy to make.
But there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of pressure put on people, there’s a lot of focus put on from I think media outlets from just the general mentality of society that it’s very important to have lots and lots of money, but there isn’t enough attention put on the importance of connection, with the people that you love, people that are important to you in life, with the people who are surrounding you and life, I think that’s, I think that’s like step one or one of the very first steps.

D: I totally agree with you, I totally agree with you.

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N: So you guys have not only been traveling, but you do blogging, you’ve got courses, you’ve got a book, I see a bunch of different stuff. What else are you guys doing? you’re putting all this content out is that one of the main focuses of what you do with some spare time when you travel as well?

D: What do I say, we were born to this Bitcoin Family thing, we’re still learning to Blog, we still have a lot of problems with editing our videos and all those things, so we have more than 400 hours that we still have to edit.
But it’s one big adventure for us and at the moment I think we need, we are searching for some help in this because its getting a little bit too big, because yeah I’m doing, you know I’m speaking at conferences, I’m speaking at local clubs at bars at cafes everywhere I travel.
Slowly people start to recognise you and invite you to do those things and until now we’ve been doing this to be honest for free.
So you know we’ve not earned any money with this, and so we need to start and monetize a little bit our online business as well.
This is why we created a course, its a basic course, how to set up an account at binance you know and all those things, and how to buy your first Bitcoin, the first steps in trading. And the book we wrote is about our adventure it’s all in Dutch now it’s selling ok, could always sell better of course, but it’s been translated into English and German now this book.
It’s a story about our family, how did a guy come that far to sell everything he has, what is behind this guy, literally a little bit of what we’re talking about now and that combined with crypto knowledge and everything.
So these things yeah, we need to focus a little bit more on those things to sell, to get them sold.

N: Nice that’s awesome. Well at least you’re taking the right steps you know what I mean, it’s a building process man.

D: Yeah it really is.

N: Yeah I get it man, I get it. I mean I’m still building heavily every single day and I don’t think you will ever be done building, and yeah you’ve got a good story behind you, you’ve got everything you need so I mean sounds like you’re on the right track.
Is it you that does a lot of the writing is your wife involved for your kids involved at all?

D: So the writing and most of the Bitcoin related stuff is on my shoulders now at the moment, the kids want to start to Vlog about their lives as a Bitcoin kid you know, how is it to live with a Dad who just talks about Bitcoin, so they want to start with this.
My wife focuses on, or main focus is on educating the kids you know a little bit here and there. To make sure that we visit an elephant and show the kids what is an elephant, and how old can it get, you know the practical way of educating kids. My wife has control about that part a little bit, and this is how we manage as a family at the moment.
So we like Vlogging but we don’t like the editing for example so we need to find somebody that can edit our videos in the right way.
But this is a learning process, process for us. Again we were born to this Bitcoin family, again we are doing everything to support the crypto revolution.
I think we did more than, I stopped counting at over 240 interviews in the last year, so there were more than 240 interviews.
We were part of, I think four documentaries now. The biggest one went live last month it was made by key pictures and channel news Asia, they made a 4 Series documentary and one went live in 27 countries on television, and now it’s also available online for free so we are just a small part of series number 4.
And all those things they just take a lot of time you know, if you appear in this documentary for 10 minutes, I think the Wall Street documentary we are in was like 10 minutes, we filmed 5 days for those guys! you know.
So this takes a lot of time and it also takes a lot of patience for the kids, because kids they don’t always like to be in front of the camera.

N: Understandable.

D: So we’re doing a lot of things, a lot of things yeah.

N: Nice I like it, so where where are you guys in the world right now? are you still travelling around and moving from place to place, I mean obviously you are probably, but but where you guys located are you in Asia are you in Europe right now?

D: No we are in the Netherlands right now because we celebrated Christmas and New Year with my family, with our families.
And we are leaving to Bangkok Saturday, next Saturday. it’s getting really cold in the Netherlands now it’s like 0 minus 1 so I need to get out of here, Saturday we’re flying to Bangkok.

N: Nice man, well I’ll be out in Thailand at the end of February I think so if you guys are still out there I’d love to meet up in person and chat a little bit.

D: Yeah we’ll be there until mid March, so end of February we will yeah we’ll be there.
N: Perfect man, sounds cool. Is there anything else you want to share with the audience before we close up here, obviously please share where they can find out more about you, where they can learn about your book, your courses, things like that and any other Insights that maybe you have for people out there that might be valuable for someone investing in crypto or looking to become financially independent or just struggling right now.

D: So the thing I want to teach people is that the fear of losing everything kills all your dreams, so people need to lose fear you know, if you see a door that is closed please open that door and look what is behind that door, if you don’t like it you can always step back in front of the door and everything that was there will still be there.
So I think fear is a bad guiding for people, if people lose fear I think life becomes a little bit more easy.
And if it comes up to trading, people don’t panic and please do not look at Bitcoin as something that is just money, it’s going to change the world and it’s going to change the world tremendously in combination with the blockchain behind it of course, and so start reading up and believing in the value behind Bitcoin instead of just the value of Bitcoin. This is the only two things I can tell people.

N: I love it,I love it man.

D: And if they want to search something about us just Google The Bitcoin Family, I think our website is and everything else Instagram, Twitter it’s all The Bitcoin Family. And you will recognise it because we always say The secret of happiness is Freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage’ so if you find the website with that on it it’s ours.

N: I love it dude, that’s beautiful and it’s a great way to end it. Alright my man, thank you so much for joining us Didi, it’s been really good I’m glad that we got to chat, I’m glad we got to have a conversation, I’m glad we got to meet each other at least via voice for now hopefully face to face in person in the future, and keep it up man.
I think what you’re doing is really special, I think what you’re doing is really unique, I’m amazed by you man, it takes a lot of courage to do something like that, for the ordinary human being who goes and does a nine to five job your story might sound absolutely absurd, absolutely ridiculous, but the fact of the matter is you doing something you believe in, you’ve stepped into a place that maybe was uncomfortable for you at the time, and you’re not only making it work it seems like you’re thriving, it seems like you doing better than you were in the past in terms of your family life, your mentality, your emotional health, so man I applaud you man, congratulations and if there’s anything I can ever do to support you just let me know.

D: Thank you for those beautiful words, it was an honor to be on your show, same as for you, you’re supporting crypto hugely every day with all of your Vlogs and Blogs and everything. When I see you in Thailand I will give you a big hug we will drink beer or Bacardi Coke together.

N: Sounds like a plan to me my man, I like it!
Alright everybody this has been another episode of the Evolvement podcast, we had a really really special guest on today and we will catch you next time. Peace

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